Pub Signs and Signage

Stand out from the crowd

Pub Signage & Advertisements

It is not uncommon for pubs to use a number of different signage options. Among the most popular are our projecting and blocked letter signs, with many establishments opting to include both sign types to really stand out.

What can you expect?

  • Free-standing, chalkboard style signs
  • Free-Standing wooden pavement signs,
  • Lightweight signs, to be moved and relocated with ease
  • Weighted signs, to help battle the wind
  • Signs with wheels, for easy manoeuvring

Pub Signage & Advertisements

Blocked letter signs are usually used to display the name of your pub over the door or along the side of the building, while projecting signs are used to display a logo or an image. As the name suggests, these types of sign project outwards and give you the opportunity to stand out on a busy street.

Additionally, we offer a number of strong and sturdy pavement signs. These are typically used to advertise on the streets, just outside the pub, to promote any special events or offers that may be going on.


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