Retail Shop Signs

February 4, 2019
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Retail Shop Signs

Here are seven hot ways to design fabulous retail shop signs and signage:

Be brief, short and to the point.

Retails shop signs are becoming vital in attracting attention for passing trade. Remember when we used to think how tough it was to come up with a post for Twitter that crept under 140 miserable characters or to cut a YouTube video down to less than two minutes? Well, guess what? Attention spans are becoming smaller and smaller. Vines six-second video and Snapchat are just two examples. Customers are in hurry; respect that and make sure you retail shop signs reflect this trend

Make sure the graphics and lettering you use are easy to read

Now some shopkeepers can get away with designing retail shop signs with crayons on a chalkboard, but getting away with that and building sales can be two different things. Crystal clear fonts – without rounded-cues and different colors – let the customer’s eyes get directed to your message first and then onto your product. Remember if customers can’t quickly read it (see above), its bye bye and they’ll move on, however well you believe your retail shop sign to be designed

Focus on the customers’ reasons for buying your product or service

Let your retail shop signs do the talking. Why is the customer buying this? To look like a hero to his son? To impress a date? To have easy-to-go hair? Then tell them, “Be the hero you always wanted to be with this.” Your shop signage needs to engage with what your clients really want from your brand

Emphasize the words you or yours.

Market research shows that customers buy more when they start seeing themselves using your products. One way to help them is to incorporate the words you or yours into your retail shop signs. Can you see how much stronger the above shop signs become when you add you or your.

Be minimalist

Recent market research said people, in general, were reducing text messages down to a few words, initials, or even a single emoticon. This is where the world is going. Be ruthless when editing your copy on your retail shop signs, don’t stop until the meaning can be understood and the excess is gone.

Does it work?

It can be fun to have a new retail shop sign and a window display that you think looks perfect … But have you really tested the visibility? Can it be seen by the passing trade? If you are on the main road, have a friend drive by and explain to you what your shop sign is about. If they can’t get it – you’ve got work to do

Make it funny

Retail shop signs can be well, boring. Ultimately your objective is to grab the passing trades attention. Double entendres, jokes, and puns are excellent ways to show you are a happy fun business. Inevitably some people will disagree, but the majority of your customers will appreciate it. You never know, they might even take a picture and post it on Social Media

The no no’s

Just like your products, being generic in terms of shop signs is almost a crime. Don’t bastardize original campaigns You get the idea. Be creative. Pay someone good money to come up with an original slogan for your retail shop signs

And finally

Creating memorable retail shop signs that sell your product and brand is truly one of the most enjoyable aspects of retailing. Using these seven tips, you can create shop signs and signage that not only interact your customers but sells your product almost as well as your best-trained salesperson.

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