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May 13, 2019
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Retail Signs

Retail Signs – Best Practices

It doesn’t matter what types of retail signs you decide to include in your shop or retail store, think about these best practices:

 Be specific:  A bespoke retail sign can give you just the correct message in just the right place. When you design a sign, make sure to include specific details, such as locational instructions and the relevant product specifics.

 KISS Keep it simple stupid: Your retail sign’s message needs to be simple and clear, one with too much information is more often than not ignored. Use the five-second rule: If you can communicate the main purpose of the sign in less than five seconds, it works. Any longer then it would be wise to shorten your message or use a number of signs instead of just one.

 Use Headlines : When writing content for retail signs, think like a journalist. This should help in your aim to be concise and simple. The first principle of print journalism is that the punch line matters. Can you make your text simpler? Can you remove prepositions and extra words? Ideal retail signs use the following message hierarchy: headline, explanation, and finally, a call to action.

Create a call to action:  Ask the customer to do something. Retail Signs are advertising boards, and like any good advertiser, you need to get the customer to do something; that’s the call to action or CTA. A good retail sign needs to have a simple goal.

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